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Good morning! Here’s a look at how AP’s general news coverage is shaping up today. Some plans are subject to change; see the 2 p.m. News Digest for updates. Some plans subject to change. You can find our contact info at the bottom of this advisory. All times EDT


Among today’s coverage highlights as we see them at 10:15 a.m. EDT:




— EGYPT-PLANE (sent; developing)

— ISRAEL-DEFENSE MINISTER (sent; developing)

— DEM 2016-SANDERS (upcoming)

— GOP 2016-TRUMP’S TOUR (upcoming)

— FOOD LABELS (sent; developing)





— OBIT-JOHN BERRY (sent; developing)











Here are details of those stories, plus others we have in the works for today and notable pieces that we sent in the past three hours (all times EDT):




EGYPT-PLANE – Egyptian air and naval forces have spotted a body part, passengers’ personal belongings and other debris from EgyptAir flight 804 that crashed in the Mediterranean Sea, killing 66 passengers and crew who were en route from Paris to Cairo, the Egyptian army and Greek defense minister said Friday. SENT: 670 words, photos, video. UPCOMING: Developing. With EGYPT-PLANE-PASSENGERS: Brief profiles of some of the passengers (upcoming); EGYPT-PLANE-AIRPORTS: A look at security at the airports the plane had recently visited (upcoming)

EGYPT-PLANE-SCENARIOS- While details are still scarce, what’s known of the erratic moves of EgyptAir flight 804 before it crashed in the Mediterranean Sea suggests the cause was human rather than mechanical, aviation experts say. UPCOMING: 800 words by 11 a.m.

ISRAEL-DEFENSE MINISTER – Israel’s defense minister announced his resignation on Friday, saying the governing party had been taken over by “extremist and dangerous elements” and that he no longer trusted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following reports that he was to be replaced. SENT: 900 words, photos.

NIGERIA-KIDNAPPED GIRLS – Nigeria’s military reports rescuing a second Chibok schoolgirl from Boko Haram, but a community leader says she is not on list of 218 students missing from the 2014 mass abduction. SENT: 300 words, photos.

PARIS ATTACKS – The last known survivor of the team that carried out last November’s Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam, refused to talk during questioning Friday by anti-terror judges amid frustration at 24-hour video surveillance of his cell, his lawyer said. SENT: 450 words, photos. UPCOMING: May develop.

EUROPE-TURKEY – European Union nations have agreed to make it easier to suspend its visa waiver program with some countries, just as Turkey is trying to secure visa-free travel for its citizens. SENT: 440 words, photo.

SOUTH AFRICA-SICK MINERS – Thabang Moorosi, who used to run marathons but now struggles for his breath, is one of tens of thousands of miners preparing to sue some of South Africa’s largest gold mining companies now that the courts have cleared the way for a class action suit for mine workers who have contracted lung diseases. SENT: 700 words.

BRITAIN-PALACE INTRUDER – A convicted murderer climbed over a wall and wandered the grounds of Buckingham Palace while Queen Elizabeth II was at home, British prosecutors said Friday. SENT: 250 words, photos.




DEM 2016-SANDERS – Bernie Sanders delegates admit the Democratic Convention next month may be a less-than-peaceful affair. His supporters think they have an outside shot of making Sanders the nominee through a floor fight and will back him as he tries to change the party’s platform and process. UPCOMING: 650 words by 4 p.m., photos.

GOP 2016-TRUMP’S TOUR – Call it Donald Trump’s “Trust Me” tour of the Republican establishment. The lone survivor of a riotous GOP primary is giving wary GOP leaders reasons to sign on to his campaign, an effort to reassure them he’s a conservative and will support the party. But in typical Trump style, there’s a demand: The party must be respectful of him. UPCOMING: 700 words by 4 p.m., photos




UNITED STATES-IRAQ – The top U.S. commander in Baghdad says the retaking of the small western town of Rutba from two years of Islamic State occupation was an important morale booster for Iraqi forces. The victory allows for the reopening of the main road from Amman to Baghdad. SENT: 651 words, photos. UPCOMING: Developing.




DREW PETERSON – Jury selection is set to begin in the murder-for-hire trial of a former suburban Chicago police officer accused of plotting to kill the prosecutor who put him behind bars in his third wife’s death. SENT: 460 words, photo. UPCOMING: Developing from jury selection, scheduled for 10 a.m.

CHICAGO-BODIES FOUND – Police announce in the February slayings of six family members found in a Chicago home, alleging that a cousin and his girlfriend committed the “unspeakable act” in what started as a robbery. SENT: 510 words.

OKLAHOMA-WORKPLACE BEHEADING – An Oklahoma man accused of beheading a co-worker and attacking another person at a food processing plant is due in court to enter his plea on a first-degree murder charge. SENT: 130 words, photo. UPCOMING: Developing from 10 a.m. hearing.

FATAL FIRE-MURDER CHARGES – State investigators say five people found dead in a south Georgia house fire were actually shot and the blaze was set to cover up those crimes. SENT: 120 words. UPCOMING: Developing.

WRESTLER-GIRLFRIEND’S DEATH – Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka is due back in court for day three of a hearing to determine if he’s competent to stand trial on charges he killed his girlfriend in 1983. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: Developing from 1:30 p.m. hearing.

OHIO BODIES – A Cleveland jury is deliberating on whether to recommend the death sentence for a man convicted of killing three women and wrapping their bodies in garbage bags. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: Developments uncertain.

THREE KILLED-SOUTH CAROLINA -Authorities say a man charged with three counts of murder in a slaying in rural South Carolina now faces two additional counts stemming from the death of unborn twins one of the victims was carrying. SENT: 340 words.

DRAG RACING DEATHS — A teenager who participated in a drag race that killed five people may have hurt his chances for leniency with a series of insensitive social media posts, including one that disparaged police and another that said, “I’ll be in and out faster than you can spin a doubt.” SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: 500 words by 3 p.m.




FOOD LABELS – Nutrition facts labels on food packages are getting a long-awaited makeover, with calories listed in bigger, bolder type and a new line for added sugars. SENT: 680 words. UPCOMING: Developing from 11 a.m. White House event.

ZIKA-PREGNANT WOMEN – The number of pregnant women in the United States infected with Zika virus is suddenly tripling, due to a change in how the government is counting cases. Previously, officials have reported how many pregnant women had both Zika symptoms and positive blood tests, but in a change announced Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will count all women who tested positive — regardless of whether they had suffered symptoms. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: Developing.

AFRICA-ZIKA VIRUS – Health officials say they have confirmed that the Zika virus in Cape Verde island off the western coast of Africa is the same one infecting people in the Americas. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: Developing.

KRATOM BAN – Legislators, law enforcement and researchers seem to be racing to catch up to the dietary supplement kratom. The plant, which was banned in Alabama this week, is praised as a natural alternative to chronic pain but others argue it’s a dangerous alternative for opioid abusers. UPCOMING: 700 words. Pursuing photos




OBIT-JOHN BERRY – Founding Beastie Boys member John Berry dies at 52. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: Developing.

MUSIC-BEYONCE’S COUNTRY SONG – When Beyonce dropped a country tune inside her new visual album “Lemonade,” it was the biggest crossover news in country music since Justin Timberlake brought down the house at the Country Music Association Awards last year alongside Chris Stapleton. SENT:




USA SWIMMING-ZIKA – USA Swimming has moved a pre-Olympic training camp out of Puerto Rico because of the Zika virus. There are no plans to bail on the Summer Games in Brazil, even though that country has been the epicenter of the outbreak. SENT: 880 words, photos.




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