Blue Knight cheerleaders cheer for Cleveland Cavaliers

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Conner Stillion, Coren Braithwaite and Kadeam Cross

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Professional cheerleading – a dream Conner Stillion and Coren Braithwaite never imagined.

But now they find themselves, along with fellow Blue Knight cheerleader Kadeam Cross, cheering for the NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers. Connected to the opportunity through their former Urbana University coach, who serves as Director of Events for the Cavaliers, these accomplished athletes jumped at the opportunity to work for the NBA team. Stunting and tumbling with Cavs printed on their uniforms in front of tens of thousands of fans is now a big part of their lives.

“Down on the court it’s a whole new world, and I’ll be doing it as long as possible,” said Coren.

“Choosing Urbana University has been a great decision for me,” shared Conner, who transferred from Ohio State after his freshman year there. “The small classes and close relationships with the faculty and staff have been a huge encouragement to me, helping me thrive academically. Even though we’re really busy with the Cavs, our professors understand its importance. They’ve worked with us when we have schedule conflicts. Cheerleading here has given me a great opportunity to serve the university as well as the community. And the scholarships have made attending UU very affordable.”

Coren added, “The campus is an atmosphere of athletes; everyone is supportive of each other in the classroom as well as in athletics. We’ve had a tremendous amount of support from everyone at Urbana.”

Conner Stillion, Coren Braithwaite and Kadeam Cross Stillion, Coren Braithwaite and Kadeam Cross Submitted photo

Submitted story

Submitted by Urbana University.

Submitted by Urbana University.


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