Champaign Family YMCA Preschool open houses this week

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The Champaign Family YMCA provides half-day Preschool Learning Centers in Urbana and Mechanicsburg.

Parents and families are invited to open houses for both YMCA preschool learning centers on Aug. 2 and Aug. 4. The half-day preschool program in Mechanicsburg is at the Mechanicsburg Christian Fellowship Church, 4400 Allison Road. The half-day preschool program in Urbana is at the First Presbyterian Church, 116 W. Court St. The open house times for both sites are 9-11 a.m. and 5-7 p.m. on both Aug. 2 and Aug. 4.

For additional information please contact Y Child Care Services Director Sonya Stonerock at 937-653-9622.

Why childcare arrangements are essential to development

There are nearly 11 million children under the age of 5 in the United States in some type of childcare arrangement every week. These children have the opportunity to learn socialization skills and how to deal with different types of personalities and cultures. They learn to play together and share with other children. As they get older, this may pave the way to better relationships with their peers. According to the Center on Social and Emotional Foundations of Early Learning, it has been found that teaching children appropriate social skills, providing them with willing and accepting peers to use these skills with, and creating opportunities for children to practice these skills, teachers can improve all children’s social behaviors, potentially for a lifetime.

For many parents, daycare is a necessity for those who work or go to school, causing feelings of guilt and stress for leaving their children in childcare. However studies have shown that young children can reap benefits from being placed in childcare at an early age. Current research has shown that the early years (ages 0-5) are the most sensitive for brain development. Over 90 percent of brain growth occurs during this period. The people who care for your child are also those who help shape your child’s mind. Studies show that children who receive quality childcare enter school with better math, language, and social skills.

Nationwide, the YMCA is America’s largest non-profit childcare provider, serving over 500,000 children per day. In Champaign County, the Champaign Family YMCA serves more than 200 children through child care, school age child care or summer camps each day. The Y offers a safe, nurturing environment for children to learn, grow and develop social skills.

The local YMCA recommends that parents select child care providers that are Step Up to Quality (SUTQ) rated, the State of Ohio’s rating system for learning and development programs. The Champaign Family YMCA’s two-star Step Up to Quality Award from the State of Ohio recognizes the Association’s commitment to quality and an ongoing dedication to the learning and development of children. For more information on Champaign Family YMCA Child Care programs please call the Y’s Child Care Services Director, Sonya Stonerock, at 937-653-9622.

Submitted Story

Submitted by the Champaign Family YMCA.

Submitted by the Champaign Family YMCA.

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